Spotting @YSSY

Hi, here are some photos from the last year out at Sydney.

VH-OQD | A380 | Qantas

VH-ZNJ | B787 | Qantas (100 Years livery)

B-209D | B787 | China Southern

VH-EBL | A332 | Qantas

VH-ZND | B787 | Qantas (Yam Dreaming Livery)

VH-ZNE | B787 | Qantas

A6-EVQ | A380 | Emirates (50 Years Livery)

VH-XZM | B737 | Qantas

VH-MFW | B737 | Regional Express (REX)

A6-EVF | A380 | Emirates

VH-OQH | A380 | Qantas

JA861J | B787 | Japan Airlines (One World Livery)

VH-ZNK | B787 | Qantas

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I love it! I hope to plane spot soon!

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Beautiful shots! Love all of them.

Been forever since I last saw you post any spotting pictures. Can’t say this wasn’t surprising. Nice to see more shots!

Those photos are really nice ! Especially the A380s ! :)

Seems like it was a pretty good year of spotting for you! Great catches of so many specials. Excellent photos, well done!

Beautiful!!😍😍😍 Followed ur Instagram:)

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