Spotting @ YMML | 28/8/16

Hey. I went spotting at YMML (Melbourne International Airport) and i got some great shots. I get some heavies a special livery and when i got back to my aunties house i caught something special that i didn’t even release what it was until i went back over the photos. Anyway i hope you like my pictures. If you want to use them please give credit!


That’s really cool, I wish I could go spotting; But the only decent spotting location for my airport is on a really steep hill and I’m not bothered to go. Plus there’s not many interesting aircraft there, just a bunch of A320s and 737s. Sometimes we get a Royal Flight 763 or an EVA 744 or 77W but those are rare.

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@Riley_Dunshea you deserver a medal. These photos are outstanding! What camera do you use?

Yeah, my local airport is teeennnnyy tiny, and the most interesting aircraft is a 737 lol.


Great Riley! I’m guess most of the shots were taken at the car park from runway 16…? Near the ice cream van?

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No otherside of the airport. Thanks @EmirK


@anon31652286 a few of these were for you ;)

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Nice ones! What camera do you use?

What was the ‘something special’ bit?

The Singapore a350

@emirk I use a Nikon D5100 with a good lense.


Am I being stupid? I’m only seeing a 777?

It’s not a very good quality photo. It’s flying overhead.

They look amazing! And you even got the orange A320, new livery and the 787! Fantastic.

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