Spotting @ YMML (13JUN18)

Hey all!
On the 13th of Jun 18, I went plane spotting on Operations Road @ Melbourne Airport Tullamarine (YMML).
Here are the photos!

Thai Airways - A350-900 BKK-MEL (HS-THF)

Jetstar Airways - Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner MEL-SIN (VH-VKA)

Qantas Airways - A330-200 - AVV-MEL (VH-EBD) [Pilot Training Flight, very short ~100km flight]

Virgin Australia Airlines - Boeing 737-800 - HBA-MEL (VH-YFP)

Qantas Airways - Airbus A380-800 - MEL-SIN (VH-OQJ)

Qantas Airways - Boeing B737-800 - SYD-MEL (VH-VZY)

Virgin Australia Airlines - Boeing 737-800 - HBA-MEL (VH-YFK)

Scoot - Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner - SIN-MEL (9V-OFC)

Royal Brunei Airlines - Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner - MEL-BWN (V8-DLB)

Jetstar Airways - Airbus A320-200 - MEL-SYD (VH-VGQ)

Qantas Airways - Boeing B737-800 - BNE-MEL (VH-XZC)

Virgin Australia Airlines - Boeing B737-800 - SYD-MEL (VH-YFW)

and my personal favourite:
Virgin Australia Airlines - A330-200 - PER-MEL (VH-XFH)

Still improving :)
Not sure if I’ve over edited photos or not.


Awesome shots! I really like the QF A330. In the future please only post 10 photos maximum.

Ah. Thanks for that! If any mods have an issue with it, I’ll be more than happy to reduce to 10.

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Great photos mate! Always love to see another local YMML spotter on the forums. May I ask though, what camera do you use? :)


I use a Canon 550D with Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 550-250mm 1:4-5.6 IS :)


Nice pictures at Melbourne airport

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Noice. Love the Thai Airways A350. Might be going that in September!

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Seeing it land at a front angle is spectacular. Would love to go on an A350 one day.

However my next flights over the next couple of months are with an A380, A330 and 787.

Cool my dad loves the 787

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I keep forgetting that not everybody is in the same time zone. 😂 I’m about to start my 13th of June.

Very Nice photos!! I especially like the THAI A350 and Qantas 737s.


There’s so many 787’s lol

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Thanks! First time seeing the A350 on final up close and it was amazing!

Awesome pictures! You did well!

I’ve seen other photographers do this, and I’m sure it’ll be allowed at Melbourne, but these guys bring a ladder, and stand on that to take pictures without the fence in the way! I’ve heard you have to be 10+ feet away from the fence, but that may only be the US. I’m looking forward to your next topic!

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Really great shots, I have seen -EBD and other A332s flying from Avalon on Flightradar before and was wondering what the deal was with those short flights.

The 10ft+ restriction zone does apply here at YMML. Good idea though, however I take Public Transport to the airport. I’ll consider it next time when I’m using a personal vehicle :)

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I’m not 100% sure either, but probably pilot training. They circle AVV all day!

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YMML Forever! Nice photos too.

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Thanks! I tried here, will definitely improve with better shooting locations next time :)


No Air New Zealand photo mate definitely a shame great photos anyway :).


There was a ANZ B777 taking off but I was at an angle where shooting the departure would be ugly. Refer to the Virgin Australia A330 overhead landing, that was where I was when it took off.

Thanks though :)