Spotting @ YBSU 22/12/18-23/12/18

Hi there, yesterday and today I went spotting at YBSU! Unfortunately we don’t get any heavies atm, just Virgin Australia, Alliance, Jetstar, Qantas and Air New Zealand (seasonal) the aircraft operated here include the 717, 737, Fokker 100 and A320. I use a Nikon D3300 and 55-200mm lens for these photos.

1. Jaffa Jet (Jetstar A320)

2. Jaffa Jet (Jetstar A320)

3. Virgin Australia 737-800

4. Jetstar A320-200

5. Virgin Australia 737-800

Thanks for clicking on the topic! Which was your favourite?

  • Shot 1
  • Shot 2
  • Shot 3
  • Shot 4
  • Shot 5

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Nice pictures Good Job!


Thanks so much!

Saw the jaffer yesterday, was considering going to spotting today but had family over. Really nice Pictures bro 🤙

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Yes she’s a very cool aircraft!

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Nice shots! Were these taken through a fence? If so, great job, fence shooting is super annoying and hard.

Nope, over a wall

Oh ok. 5* anyway!

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Really nice and sharp photos, some of those angles you have up there are really good 👌

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Dang these are good! Well done man!

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@TheCoolPilot @Oli_H Thanks so much guys! ☺️


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