Spotting @ WSSS

11 Nov 18 - The day I was granted unprecedented access into the world’s best airport.

I went to the airside not to planespot but to visit the airport emergency services and since there’s free time to planespot, why not? As it was in the afternoon the weather was scorching hot and after taking one or two good shots I went under shelter.

The last picture you see is what’s called a foamtender! It’s job is to extinguish aircraft which are on fire. The front portion of the red dummy aircraft you see behind it resembles the A380 in scale.

It wasn’t noisy at all. The noises only came from aircraft taking off and aircraft deploying reverst thrusters. The 747 freighters made the loudest noise.

Extremely grateful to Changi Airport Group (CAG) and the relevant authorities for holding this exclusive tour!

Idk what airline and aircraft this is…

Cargolux 747-8

Thai A350-900



That looks like an IndiGo A320


Isn’t that a 737 because of its winglets?

You can tell it’s an A320 because of the nose shape and the engine shape.


No, it’s an a320. You can even fly with that livery in IF!

Dang I didn’t know that.

Oh btw, you spelled Cargolux wrong.

That was intentional. Was that the correct pronunciation? Cargo-looks or Cargo-lux?

It’s Cargo-Lux, the airline is based in Luxembourg, so that’s where the Lux comes in. Basically short for Cargo Luxembourg. (It’s also up the airline Captain Joe flies for @anon91707592 )

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Yeah he mentioned that he longed to fly the 747.

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Cargo looks?!?😂😂 I think you mean Cargolux

Isn’t Luxemborg pronounced as Looks-xem-borg?

No, it’s pronounced Lux. I’m not gonna go too in depth, but a single U makes an uhh sound, not like a long O sound. Let’s try to get back in topic now. Once again, nice pictures!


Lets not get into a discussion about how Luxemburg is pronounced! Back on topic guys!

Good photos @anon91707592 nice job! I love the shots of the CargoLux 747 and the Indigo A320


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