Spotting @WMKC

Good afternoon! After refreshing myself with an ATC session I decided to go back into the replay and get some cool photos! The traffic started out slow but slowly built up. After around 45 minutes of controlling, and the traffic dying out, I decided to close. This was on the Expert Server. Photos are in order from the time they were taken.

Philippines A321 Pushing Back

XCub - On rotation

Philippines A321 Rotating from runway 28

A-10 - Parked at the stand

Q-400 holding short of 28 with an X-Cub taxiing

EVA Air A320 on its way to runway 28 with the Q-400 taking-off

A Malaysia B738 having a rough landing

A-10 having a smooth landing on 28

EVA Air A320 departing with a Philippines A321 on a 2nm final

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Those are some really nice shots keep up the great work!