Spotting with the 11 Pro plus amazing sunset

Hey folks! 👋🏻

I was recently out at the airport to see some planes, and put my new toy to the test, unfortunately I didn’t catch too many, and my new phone hardly got a fair test since the light was going down, but I got one of the best ones we have here, British Airways’ 787 Dreamliner. Not to mention the fantastic sunset.

And last but certainly not least this sunset was amazing… 🤤

And last but certainly not least just for @DeerCrusher I stayed around for a few muinets to catch the Cessna Caravan from Southern Airways Express descend into runway 32…

Just FYI I couldn’t get the pictures to upload in full resolution for whatever reason but they look much more crispy on my phone, most of them are digitally zoomed quite a bit, and the light was low, so these are honestly probably the worst pictures I’ve taken with it, but as you can see they are still really good pictures especially in the colors. Some of them were lightly touched up in the stock photos app, but there are mostly right off the camera…


Wow those sunsets are amazing! I love seeing airports that get the BA 787 because my home airport got its first TATL flight with BA on a 787 and now it’s a 747


I think I should note before everyone thinks images from the 11 pro are that grainy that these images are probably at 4x zoom in low light, and the last one is at 6x and a screenshot from a video. The two sunsets are the most representative photos, they are using the main lense with no crop, and allowed to use low light mode…

That’s awesome. We for better or for worse probably wolnt ever get more than maybe a -9, but it is definitely my favorite plane we get…

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Beautiful photos man, it’s nice to see some shots from where I was a few weeks ago! In fact. I remember leaning on that white fence in the last photo😃

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I haven’t actually been down there, is it a good view of 32 arrivals?

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Yeah, really nice close up views of both 28L and 32 arrivals, 10R deps weren’t bad either. I’ll post my photos from there in the next few weeks.

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Tag me when you do, I’ve always gone further up the road, but I’ll have to try that out next time…

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Gorgeous pictures! Well done.

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Wow! Great pictures, huge improvement over spotting with an iPhone 7 lol

Ya, the cameras are amazing, I wish I had been able to use night mode here since it would have made them so much more detailed, night mode is amazing, but a multi second exposure doesn’t work so well with fast moving objects… 😂

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Keep an eye out for N1154F. They brought it up there last week from Memphis. Dubois crews should be flying it tomorrow.

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Fantastic pictures, that’s a sunset! Thanks for sharing!

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