Spotting with my brand new camera! @RJGG 1/14/2018

Hello everyone!

I recently bought a new camera! On the 14th I went spotting with it at Chubu Centrair International Airport. The quality is SOOOOO much better than my old phone! I had a nice time,I made a new friend that is also a fellow avgeek. I also destroyed my groin after slamming myself into a pole while trying to take a photo of an Asiana 767(I sure am stupid).

My gear: Nikon Coolpix B500


Finnair | A330-302 | OH-LTO | Marimekko Unkko Livery | HEL-NGO

Korean Air | 787-9 | HL7209 | NGO-ICN

China Airlines | A330-302 | B-18351 | NGO-TPE

Cathay Pacific | 777-267 | B-HND | NGO-HKG

Japan Airlines | 787-8 | JA832J | NGO-BKK

National Airlines | 747-428(BCF) | N952CA | HKG-NGO

All Nippon Airways | 737-881 | Star Alliance Livery | JA51AN | SDJ-NGO

Ethiad Airways | 787-10 | A6-MMA | PEK-NGO

Delta Airlines | A330-223 | N860NW | DTW-NGO


Atlas Air | 747-409(LCF) | N249BA | NGO-PAE

My rarest catch of the day! I was lucky enough to see this monster take off! That wing flex ❤️

Which photo was your favorite?

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Thanks for taking a look at my photos!


Stunning photographs, well done!

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Really nice photos - good job

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Awesome photos! I see improvements in these for sure!

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Beautiful man, love the planes and the background too!
Well done and keep it up!

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Thanks everyone,I hope to be able to take more of these photos!

Wow these are nice. RJGG is an insane airport to spot at!

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Most Japanese airports have at least an observation deck for spotting,so overall RJGG is also a very nice airport!


Interesting, never seen a Korean 789. I’ve always seen Korean A333 and B738 at RJGG.

I’m happy you caught DL95 KDTW-RJGG. Been on that route over 10 times.

Hope to see more great photos like this!


Thanks! Because of tailwinds,DL95 arrived an HOUR earlier than I expected! I normally go home around that time,but I was lucky that day and managed to catch it.

Also Korean Air recently switched their morning A330 route to the 787,but occasionally I will see a 773. The afternoon NGO-ICN route is operated by the A330,and sometimes the 777.


Wow, an hour early. I’ve only been like 30 min early at the most for that route.

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It’s also usually sundown in the winter during the time it usually arrives at around 4:30 PM. And you’ve ridden on DL95 10 times,wow! I’ve never even flown on Delta before. ANA and United(both of which my Dad usually flies) have partnerships in the Star Alliance,so we can ride on it at a slightly cheaper fare using our points.

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Amazing photos! That was One heck of an upgrade!

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There was a New Years sale on Amazon and I decided it was my chance.

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Quality photos. Stunning.

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Thanks for the compliment!

Nice photos! Only critique that I’d give is that the color temps are too cool.

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I really love to have a spot in Japan. Every airport has a nice place for spotter XD

Anyway, do anyone know the place to have a nice spot on New Chitose RJCC ?

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Such wonderful pictures. Reminds me of when I did some spotting during my vacation to Tokyo in 2017 and Osaka in 2018. The observation decks at Japanese Airports does allow for some amazing view and scenery while watching the planes arrive and depart 🛫

If I could, I’d vote for them all, love the Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, the Etihad 787-10 and of course the Dreamlifter, a Magnificent aircraft to say the least. But the Finnair A330 caught my eye the most. Have only seen it once IRL when I was in Helsinki a few years ago, so it’s definitely there, serving a special place in my heart ❤

Ps. If you ever get the chance, I’d love to see you do some spotting at Kansai and Haneda :)


You got to take a picture of the 747 Dreamlifter taking off… Lucky, I never got to take a picture of one. I haven’t even saw one in real life. Great photos by the way.

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