Spotting With Fellow Montanans @ KBZN

Hey guys!

There are a fairly large number of Montana-based aviation enthusiasts on the IFC and on various social media platforms, many of which are fairly well connected through chats on Discord and Instagram. For a while, we have wanted to do a meetup and group spotting session at one of our state airports. Due to COVID slowing down and Montana commercial air traffic being better than ever, a few of us (@NathanD , @plane_guy12, and I) were able to make it out to KBZN last week in order to chat aviation and get a taste of the amazing amount of traffic that Bozeman gets in the summer season! This was my second spotting trip this year (See KMSO here) and my first time spotting at KBZN in over 2 years. With lots of excellent places to spot from (including a parking garage that overlooks the commercial apron) and a massive diversity of aircraft and airlines for an airport this size, BZN is by far the best to spot in MT. It also has an amazing, mountainous backdrop that was unfortunately hard to see this time due to heavy smoke from nearby fires. I got tons of great shots and it took me a long time to narrow them down and edit them, but I finally have my 10 best to share with you guys today. Enjoy!

Delta Connection E175 from KSLC taxing to the gate:

Alaska A320 in from KSEA:

Delta A321 from KATL:

Southwest 737-700 (Canyon Blue) arriving from KDAL:

JetBlue A320 pushing for KLAX:

US Army DHC-8 in from KELP:

American A319 from KLGA:

United A319 arriving from KIAD (A new route!):

Dassault Falcon 900EX headed to Who Knows Where, USA™:

Southwest 737-700 (Louisiana One) pushing for KLAS):

Thanks for viewing! Keep in mind that I don’t have the best camera, so my shots might not meet some IFCers’ perfect standards. Make sure to check out Plane Guy’s and Nathan’s topics from the visit as well. Also, keep an eye on my Instagram for many other awesome shots that I didn’t have room here for today:


Great pictures! We’ve both said this a lot and I’ll say it again, it was great meeting you.
The meet up was my first in-person social interaction I had personally with aviation enthusiasts and was my first interaction I had since moving back to Montana.

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Does he have a concealed weapons permit? 😂


Probably not a 🔫 but it kinda looks like one lmao

Nice shots!

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Awesome pics! I always forget to fly to Bozeman even though there’s variety and the scenery is great.

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Awesome shots!

Will be flying this on the 31st! 🙌 To La Guardia though. Nice to see all these arrivals from allover the country. Bozeman is definitely getting more and more attention.

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Awesome, have fun! If you get the chance, definitely try to do some spotting there!

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