Spotting with Chain Link Fences Present

Hello spotters if the IFC!
My local airport of (KFLL) has a really nice aircraft observation area near runway 09L. Unfortunately, there is this massive chain link in between the runway and the spotters. How do I deal with this?


Anything you can stand up on? Mounds, trees to climb, a car perhaps (if it’s yours and your careful I take no responsibility if you break something)? Getting right up to the fence isn’t such a great idea.

No the security there are a real hassle to deal with and I would probably get in trouble for standing on the fence. I am trying the technique right now to somehow put my lense in between the links with no success


I think I might have to stick to the parking garage if this keeps on happening

I meant like a railing or fence a few feet back, definitely don’t get up in the fence, ever. Great way to end the day in handcuffs. I know at the official location at FLL it’s common to stand on the guard rail to the parking lot a few feet back from the fence, that’s more what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t really even go right up to the fence to stick a camera lens up to it, just a good way to get the attention of airport ops or the police. If you can elevate yourself back from the fence that’s a much better plan.

The parking garage is good, I’ve gotten many of my best shots from there, it’s just a bummer if there going west to East since you don’t see the landings.

Ohh yeah I totally understand the rail you are talking about good idea! Thanks for the help and I will try that

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Wow, NZ is a lot more chill than the US lol, we can pretty much do anything when it comes to spotting, and if security come over you just tell them what your doing and they are fine with it 😂


Yeah in Bosnia where I am from no one cares at all and it is so much easier! If the security do end up coming you can just slip the some cash and they won’t bother you😂


I’d say go up to it, but if FLL security doesn’t like that then don’t, police here are pretty serious around airports. It’s generally not advised to bring a ladder spotting in America as police don’t take well to that either. If you have a taller car you could get up on the roof directly over the B-pillar and try to clear it like that whenever an aircraft comes, but judging from the perspective you’d need a semi truck to do that lol.

@Bryan4558 maybe you have some ideas? I don’t know the area well enough to give any definitive answer.

I really hope you didn’t find out this doesn’t work on American police through trial and error. 😂


I think I will just stick to the parking garage or attempt to use one of the rails farther back

First off, I’m not a local so I’m not sure if what I said is right…

I’d agree with what some other people said about taking shots right up to the fence, and shooting through it. From my knowledge, I’m pretty sure the location you’re talking about and Greenbelt Park are official observation locations set up by the airport. So I don’t think you would run into any problems with officials if you use common sense when spotting

I personally haven’t spotted at the spot you’re talking about, so I can’t speak from experience. I have spotted though from atop of Hibiscus Garage and Greenbelt Park, where I got amazing shots. I think the safest option to go spotting is at Greenbelt Park, where I doubt you’d get in trouble with the police since it’s a public park. On top of the garage you might be questioned or even asked to leave. But again, I think it should be still fine spotting where you’re talking about if you just shoot through the fence.

Have you been to Greenbelt Park? I can give you more info about there if you haven’t, it’s probably the best spot the go spotting at FLL.

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You mean the Greenbelt surrounding the southern portion of the airport? No I haven’t. I was referring to the Ron Gardner observation area which is basically part of the “official” viewing area near the VOR. My main problem I guess with the greenbelt is you only really get spirit and JetBlue mostly

It seems that The Greenbelt also happens to have a pretty sizable fence, definitely a lot nice of an area then where Gardner is though

What are you hoping to spot? When I was at Greenbelt, I managed to spot a huge range of airlines. Yes the main airlines I spotted were Spirit and JetBlue… but I spotted a lot of International airlines. Air Canada Rouge 767s (sadly now retired), Emirates 777-200 (Although they don’t fly anymore to FLL), and even an Atlas Air 747-400.

Also at Greenbelt, the park is elevated higher than the fence so you can shoot over it


Oh I saw the nice rail, anyways I think I will try the Greenbelt out some time and honestly at this stage I don’t really care that much about the aircraft, only the relative close proximity so I can get better at taking shots

You can see some of my FLL spotting threads on my profile if you’d like to see some example shots of what you can take

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Ok and would you say that compared to your home airport or other airports in the U.S. that my home airport of FLL is good or bad for spotting,