Spotting - Wellington and Christchurch NZ

Back with some more spotting content, this time from 2 of the 3 biggest airports in NZ - Wellington and Christchurch. Was nice to head down south for some more traffic variety and capture some heavies. Enjoy!

A Qantas 737 operating on of the ever-popular trans-tasman hops.

Singapore Airlines pulling onto the apron at Christchurch after the trek south from Singapore.

One of a few regional pacific airlines operating around the region, a Fiji Airways MAX lifts off back to Nadi

The stunning new all black star alliance livery from Air New Zealand pulling off the runway with the snow sprinkled Southern Alps in the background.

Emirates being the star of the show with their A380 pulling in from Sydney.

Another shot of Fiji Airways, this time an arrival and into Wellington.

Some stunning morning light for DHL’s arrival into Christchurch from Auckland.

Last Fiji Airways, I promoise. DQ-FAE pulling onto stand from Nadi.

Along with the Q300, the regional workhorse of New Zealand, the ATR72 completing another trip into Wellington.

One of our RNZAF Texans taxiing back after a quick flight around Christrchurch.

The ever popular Airbus A320 operating one of the busiest routes in the country from Auckland to Wellington.

I hope you enjoyed a little collection of my recent work, I shall hopefully be back with more soon. Till next time (;


If you’d like to see some more of my work on a more regular basis, you can check out my profile on Insta too 😁

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Wow! This is beautiful!

This one is absolutely amazing 🤩

Nice work!!


Really great shots! Would love to see the Texan put into IF!

NZ spotting looks so cool, I wanna go there someday

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Would it be OK with you if I made one of these my iPad backround?

Superb shot ! Was it taken from a Helicopter?

Absolutely, go for it!

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You absolutely should mate, I’m sure you’d love it!

Thanks! This was actually taken from a hill near the airport runway which gives a cool air to air perspective, without having to spend the money on renting a heli 😂

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the angle of that fiji airways max 8 takeoff in SO INSANE i love it

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Thanks,so glad you like it!

Thanks! That would be awesome - it’s a really interesting aircraft for sure.

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