Spotting w/Heavies and Supers Included @ KLAX 05/09/17

Shooting through glass hinders the light immensely. It’s hard to change that, unless you go outside, which I would recommend, but then you will loose quality because of shooting with an iPad. You can also adjust the photos in post.

I have that iPad too. I suggest you get procam(‎ProCam 8 on the App Store) it’s a great camera app where you can change the exposure and many more. It might cost money though🤔😏😄

If I were you, I would go out right now, and buy a real camera. Sounds unrealistic and stupid, but you will not regret it. Will vastly improve your picture quality. You can use it forever with much better photos, and you look 1000% less stupid than shooting with an iPad. You can only get so good with an iPad.

lol I’ll keep an eye on it, currently I’m happy with what it is. It takes good enough photos to actually see and it doesn’t make anything blurry. I mean look at this gorgeous shot on Departure out of KDEN:

Spotted a go around by I think Delta. Not sure though.


Does anyone know what’s happening at KLAX? There have been two go around…as shown I now photos…back to back. (The tiny aircraft in the second touched down for two seconds and lifted off again)


I got up from my gate and did some spotting in the outer terminal and Virgin America gates.


Nice, I do personally love all of those inages that you have previously taken of all the [United Airlines] ( aircraft there!

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China Eastern Boeing 777 :) One of my favorite liveries. TBH LAX I think is the most diverse airport In the US. So many foreign planes that are from different countries :) *And was that at TBIT ?

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It was great spending my day with you guys. No more photos from me for KLAX. I’ll. See you all in Denver. Track my flight if you like.


Wait your headed back to Denver like that;) You flew to LAX just to spot? I would honestly love to do that.

Woo! I am going spotting at KLAX soon!

I don’t get to spot at KLAX till December.😩😒

Thanks for sticking along with me folks. I have many many more photos I never shared. If you’d like more comment below or PM me. Have a blessed night everyone. I am one tired dude…


Nice you got the stretched seats. Lucky you you got like 5 inches more leg space than the back of the plane :) Nice pics you are taking there, you should share more :)

The bear is staring at you from the wing 😮

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