Spotting w/Heavies and Supers Included @ KLAX 05/09/17

There will be more photos but I got all of these while we were waiting for our gate to be open. I’m currently gathering more photos. (Just watched an Asiana A380 takeoff…those things are beasts)

Some absolutely amazing spotting out here in LA


Beautiful. I love spotting from planes


Nice photos man. I love plane spotting.


Very nice photos. Wish we had a good Planck to plane spot where I’m at

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Nice pics 👌☝️ Later if you got time, definitely do some sorting at Imperial Hill 😉

I do as well. People were complaining on myaircraft about the delay but I was perfectly happy to sit one aircraft and watch aircraft takeoff right next to us. I watched a Quantas A380 land 24R.

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@SkyHighGuys Austrian a380? They operate the a380 lol😏😏


Awesome pics! Especially the Delta 737 😉

Well um yes…they operate the 380…that’s what I said.

I don’t know what world you live in, as the largest they operate is the 777.

Also, must be a strange day at LAX if the China Southern A380 departed mid day. They don’t usually arrive until the late evening.

Good photos so far, I hope to see many more. Much more exciting then DIA, get lots more diversity. 777 capital of the world!

They do? Might of getting it mixed up with a330 lol

This is their fleet;

Ummm no. There is no Austrian A380. ;)

I’m talking about Quantas Airlines. I made a mistake saying Austrian but I never hinted China Southern had an A380. Lol not sure where you got China except for my minimal post.

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Virgin America at gate 34

Allegiant A320 for current boarding services to Medford.


This is where I got China Southern from. My comment was the China Southern A380 doesn’t arrive until very late.

Also, are you using a phone, or a specialized camera?

Three great beasts all together. A Delta 777-232(LR), a United 777-222, and a Korean Airbus A380 heading to Seoul!

Look how busy it is at KLAX today! Everywhere I look has at least 1 moving aircraft. Most of the time there are upwards of 4 aircraft in every window. It’s crazy. DIA is also huge and busy but way more spread out so it doesn’t get this congested traffic.
What’s your thought?


That’s not my point. They have an A380, and fly it to LA, just that it doesn’t come until the night. That’s all. I know they have A380s.

Edit: Air Asia doesn’t have A380s, let alone fly to the US.

Also I’m using my…don’t laugh…iPad camera. That’s it.

What iPad do you have. Quality is pretty good for mobile device ;) I would change the exposure in the. Camera settings if possible to make the photos brighter 👍👍👌

It’s at it’s brightest and it’s an IPad Air 2 camera. (I’ll double check settings)