Spotting Video at Gusty Madeira | EXPERT SERVER

Hey, I’m making a spotting video on Monday on the EXPERT SERVER.
At Funchal Madeira Airport (LPMA). I will be needing the takeoff, taxi and takeoff at 14 EST. See you there :D

I will be parked using TAP E190.

Problem is idk how to make spotting videos 💀


Which free cam should I use?

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Just use the free cam, lol, and put you at the end of or the beginning of the runway, or in a real spotting place around Madeira , and observe planes movement

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Ahhh ok thanks

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No problem that a suggestion , but one of the better ways

Your Welcome !

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You mind if I join?

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If I can i’ll be landing in an easyjet a320

Ok you can join it

Thank you (10)

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