Spotting @VHHH

I just spent a afternoon in my home airport, VHHH. My skills are not the best and I am still improving it.

A Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300 in their new livery, B-HNO

A SAS Airbus A340-300, LN-RKF

You can see quite a lot of jumbo in VHHH, one of them is the Qantas’ VH-OEH

A Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i from Frankfurt

The first EVA 787-9, B17881

A Finnair A330-300 in the marimekko unikko livery

Hong Kong Intl. was the busiest airport by cargo traffic last year. And here is a UPS boeing 747-400F from Anchorage

Hope you enjoy them all and sorry for the blurry photos.


Great catches
That’s a pretty decent spot for that runway

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Wow that’s a great spotting location, nice shots!

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The airport has so many poles and fences. It is quite easy to fail


Ah really, yeah that must be really annoying
We at Charlotte have 10/10 spotting locations

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Nice photos, honestly your skills are quite amazing!


Nice pictures :)

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pretty sure the first aircraft was the one involved in the “Cathay Paciic” typo incident.

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Hey, I was on that Evaair B787-9’s first flight from Taipei to Hong Kong.

I had to go to school that day 😢. Luckily Eva will keep sending 789 to hong Kong until the coming March

@3AD118 I had that day off, so I didn’t go to school, instead I had a great time in Hong Kong, especially the fact that I was one of the first to experience the B787-9 of EVA.

These are really nice! I’ve always wanted to go spot in Hong Kong

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