Spotting @ VCV 25th of March With SWA Max’s

Today I went to VCV airport which is very close to me. I saw many aircraft that are of interest such as the SWA Max’s, GE 744 test plane with the GE9X and the future Air Force ones. I mostly got images of the SWA Max’s, but there are a few other images here and there 😉
image image image

I know the images aren’t the best quality as I was using my iPhone and shooting through the fence.


Poor Southwest MAX 8s 😢


I know that the Max planes are only grounded temporarily, and that a variety of things are done at KVCV, but it looks so sad seeing those new planes there, it looks like they’ve been retired (which I know they aren’t) but I guess this airport in general is very depressing 😥


Is that 11 photos 🤔 Very Nice shots!!

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Whare’s the GE90X?

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I couldn’t get a picture because it was too far for the camera to pick up cleanly, but it’s a huge engine and it’s absolutely amazing and I’ll get a photo of it when they have it closer

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Try and put your camera through the hole in the fence next time 😉

Is that, the Mexican Airforce 787?

Your required to stay 3 feet back from the fence

Yes it is! It’s been here for sometime now, and they are now covering up all the logos on it

Yeah because I heard that the president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sold the Mexican Airforce 787 so that’s why. Nice pictures though! @Daniel14

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@Daniel14 , my father wants to know where you took the pictures because he wants to see it in person.

I took it at VCV by where Victorville college flight course is. Of course, there are other places to see it around VCV, that was just one of the closest

Alright thanks! @Daniel14

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The poor B38Ms

Those poor airplanes sitting in the nightmare that is VCV

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😢Well the Max 8 in my profile pic right now is sitting over there right now. Hope they’ll fly again someday soon!

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Don’t worry @DeerCrusher , they will eventually fly again it’s like a video game. They fix the major bugs in it, and the game is launched again.

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