Spotting Up Close at KRNT - Renton Municipal Airport

Hello, IFC!

Today, I went on a flight with Rainier Flight Services in Renton, Washington. It was a short but fun flight over from Renton to Tacoma Narrows, over the Tacoma Narrows bridge and back, i will be posting a topic about that soon, but as you wait, here are some pictures I took from the ramp at KRNT, and one from the approach!

A Cessna 162 doing a post flight checklist after a 2 hour training session

A rented Cessna 172 coming back from a flight from Everett!

A line of Cessnas waiting to conquer the skies

A close up of one of the planes that was doing engine tests earlier today

Here it is again, making a lot of noise and dripping oil on the floor

A bunch of half-completed 737MAXes waiting for their test flights

sorry this pic is blurry, i took it from the cockpit and it was turbulent

Last but not least, 2 pictures of this simply stunning SR22 that was waiting at the ramp.

The flight review topic will be coming soon :)

Thank you!

Have a great day, and stay safe!



It’s a cool Bobertine spotting topicc!

Great photos!

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Very nice shots @Robertine!

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Thank you so much, both of you!


This picture is so majestic in an odd sort of way…

Beautiful shots! Sounds like it was a fun flight!

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Love some GA action, nice shots :)

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Lovely, Love the GA planes.

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Love the pics, great job on them!

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