Spotting Trip to KBWI

Today I took a spotting trip to KBWI at the Thomas A. Dixon Aircraft Observation Park. I got a lot of great catches under the approach path for runway 33L which I want to share with you.

Southwest B738

Delta Connection CRJ2

Southwest B737 (New Livery)

Unmarked B734

United A320

American B738

Alaska B738 (with scimitars)

Delta B752

Atlas Air B763

Thanks for viewing my photos! If you are interested in spotting at this location, here is the website link.

Here are my photos from the terminal. Enjoy!

Delta Airlines Terminal during sunrise

FedEx Airbus A300

Atlas Air 777, 767 (Probably the same plane I photographed yesterday), and 747

Inside of BWI’s International Terminal

Now I’m off to Punta Cana. I will post pics of my flight experience once I get there.


I will be flying out of BWI tomorrow to the Caribbean. I will add pics from the terminal once I get the chance.

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Love the pics! Wish I had a nearby airport to get good pics from!

I had to drive 2 hours to get there, but it was for the greater good!

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Ahh ok. Still not bad drive for that big of a hub. Where do you live?

Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Oh ok! I’ve been near there before!

I live about 30 minutes from BWI. Those planes fly over my house every day.

Top level of parking garage at Bwi is an awesome place to spot


Can you go there for free?

No. Have to pay the hourly rate I think it’s 4.00

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I’ll be passing by there later this year, so I think I might check it out.

Pics from the terminal have been uploaded. Be sure to check them out

Wow those are some great shots

Where? Link?

Scroll up to the beginning

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I took them from the international terminal before my flight left to Punta Cana. I sadly wasn’t able to get pics on the flight due to having a pretty crappy seat.

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What plane are/were you on?

Ironically I was in the same 734 in my earlier photo. Xtra Airways was the airline I flew. Legroom was a bit lacking, but overall it was a great experience!

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