Spotting Trip MMMT-MMMX (Minatitlan to Mexico)

Well, on monday 15th I travelled from Minatitlan Veracruz to Mexico City and I took some pictures, i hope you like them!

I was flying on an Embraer 170-100 Registered by AeroMexico as XA-ALO. This aircraft started flying for Finnair (registered as OH-LEH) on december 15th of 2005, then it was stored and Estonian Airlines took it and registered it as ES-AED on April the 2nd of 2012, but it ceased operations on November 6th 2015, then it was given back to the lessor who is actually leasing it to AeroMexico registered as XA-ALO.

Such an interesting story of the airplane I just flew in :)

Arriving MMMT

Checking in…

About to get onboard Flight AM2521

Onboard AeroMexico 2521

A Cessna 207 Stationair 7 on the FBO! (XB-MGI)

After taking off. Above the clouds!

At FL330 enjoying the amazing view of the “Citlaltepetl” aka “El Pico de Orizaba”.

Still Cruising at FL330 above “Montaña La Malinche”

Spotted New Mexico City International Construction Zone!

Spotted N782AV Through the dirty window :P

CC-CXG on Terminal 1 Gate 24!

XA-VLU “Maiela” heading to Cancun as VOI704/Y4704 with JA823A on the background on Terminal 2 Gate 22

Spotted C-FMWU heading out to Toronto as AC1980/ROU1980!

Another image of it.

Spotted a new AeroMexico member registered as N357PH click here for more information about N357PH.

Spotted XA-AMA!

Spotted XA-ALZ!

N875AM Taxiing to Runway 05L

Some variety at MMMX!

Arrived at Gate 71 on Terminal 2.

I hope you all liked the pictures!

Comment Below if you would like to see the landing and takeoff!


I found it pretty funny that they have the registration on the top of the wing!

I would also love to see the takeoff and landing; nice topic!

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Thank you very much! Actually here in Mexico all Mexican registered planes have the registration above the right wing and under the left wing 😉

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