Spotting @ Toronto (October 2016)

This is my first time spotting the Emirates A380 (EK 241) flying into Toronto via Runway 23 at Toronto Pearson!

Air France 777

Rare Golden Nose British Airways 747 executing a missed approach. Not to sure why, unfortunately it didn’t return to runway 23 :(


Seriously? That close… WOW


This past summer I had a Best Western Hotel right beyond 24R. There was a coffee shop a block or so away that was right under the takeoff path.

I’ve also always wanted to go to that Wendy’s.


Good job you takes from a great position the pic . I like it and it’s awesome pic thanks for share the moment .

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Hahah yes! I believe its a Country Style (the coffee shop). I always end up buying something so they don’t tow my car lol.

Thank you, and no problem! :)

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Mine was actually on 24R. It’s called Coffee Time I think.

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Nice photos!

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There’s also a Wendy’s that you can view from, I see tons of people there when I go.
Was that on Dixie Road?

This is on Airport Road. Near the Country Style and Wendy’s.

Ah, okay. I may go in the next little while.

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Haha this Wendy’s lol

If you can photograph a Copa plane I’ll be happy :) They fly to Toronto.

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Yeah, I’ve been there before.

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I’ll keep an eye out ;)

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Really amazing shots! :)

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