Spotting @ Toronto (CYYZ/YYZ), May 2, 2018

Hey there everyone!

Back again with another spotting session from May 2. I had forgetten to post this the day after I went, so here is is months later. On this day, many internationals arrivals were landing and taking off from RWY23, including the Emirates A380, Hainan Airlines B787-9 Kung Fu Panda livery, Lufthansa A340-600, and many more! Here are screenshots of some of the planes I saw that day, here is a YouTube link to the video. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Rare Lufthansa A340-600

Emirates A380

British Airways B777-200ER

Lufthansa B747-400

Air Canada B777-300ER New Livery

WestJet Q400

Cathay Pacific B777-300ER

China Southern Airlines B777-300ER

American Airlines MD83

Hainan Airlines B787-9 Kung Fu Panda


I love those 777s! The Hainan Airlines 787 “Kung Fu Panda” livery has an interesting goldish color.


Nice pics! Lufthansa B747 is more beutiful!

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I must live under a rock, I didn’t AA still operates their MD83’s…

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Really nice photos! The first 77W looks stunning in Air Canada’s new livery 👌

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Very nice! They always seem to send the Brown Kung Fu to YYZ, I’ve seen it twice there!

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Damn. You caught one of the remaining AA Super 80s. They won’t be missed…

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Nice pictures! I like the Air Canada 777!

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I’m surprised AA still operate such an old aircraft!

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