Spotting @ Toronto (CYYZ/YYZ), April 23, 2018

Hey there Everyone!

This is my first time spotting this year, just finished exams so I thought a good way to relax was to go to see some planes. These were taken on top of an empty garage behind RWY23 at Pearson. Its a great spot to see heavies land. I took videos and compiled it into one and a link is down below, along with a summary of my day.

I went at 12PM and was there for a couple of hours, I wanted to stay longer and see the afternoon and evening heavies, but a runway change made it hard to see so I decided to come back so other day. While I was there I did see some planes I never got the chance to see up close.

Got the chance to see many heavies like the: JetAirways B777-300ER , Austrian Airlines B767-300, Air Canada B777-300ER and B787-9, China Eastern Airlines B777-300ER, WestJet B767-300, Air Transat A330-200 and Saudia B787-9.

EgyptAir B777-300ER

Korean Air B787-9

JetAirways B777-300ER

Austrian Airlines B767-300

Air Canada B777-300ER and B787-9

China Eastern Airlines B777-300ER

WestJet B767-300

Saudia B787-9

I also saw the new Air Canada livery on a B777-300ER and a B737-8 Max, which was also my first time seeing a Max.

The highlight of my day was a German Air Force A319CJ which was here in Toronto for the G7 meeting.

Other pics:



If there are any improvements I can make, like if I zoomed in too much or whatever it may be, please let me know.

Thanks again,


Wow! You guys really get some exotic airlines!

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Heat haze really ruined your shots, unlucky

What device did you use?


Yeah, there are so many International airlines that serve Toronto and fly all around the world:


Yeah I was with other spotters today and we all had trouble getting shots when planes were far away.

I use the Sony HDRCX405 handheld video recorder.

Usually when there’s haze I try to get shots of planes lifting off and slightly above the ground to minimize the effects of it

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Yeah, I tried to start recording when the lifted off when taking-off towards me, and during landing, when they touched down, I stopped recording cause the haze was getting crazy.

WOW WOW Beautiful beautiful photos and video, i really enjoyed… amazing!!🖒

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Thanks, glad you liked it! 🙂

Keep on your good work…

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Planning on going back again, will post again when I do.

You didn’t catch any Westjet Q400s?

I did see some, I thought I would’nt have enough space if I recorded it, but after 3 hours I was surprised that I had plenty if space left, I took note of that, next time I will make sure to get more smaller planes, such as WestJet Q400s and Air Canada Q400s in the new livery, as I also saw them too.

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