Spotting to Kill Time @ KTPA [Turned out good]

As many of you know, I spent the entirety of my Thanksgiving break in Tampa, FL. We checked out of the hotel at 13:00 and had a few hours to kill so decided to spot. Some of em’ aren’t amazing (mostly the 16R arrivals are too dark) but I hope you enjoy! I tried my best to get an even distribution of GA, private and commercial, but obviously there were much more commercial.

Aircraft: Silver Air Saab 340 “Tortuga One”
Registration: N417XJ

Aircraft: Eclipse EA-500
Registration: N539RM
Route: Unknown

Aircraft: Lufthansa CityLine A340 Star Alliance Livery
Registration: D-AIFF

Aircraft: Southwest 737-800
Registration: N8554X

Aircraft: Pilatus PC-12
Registration: N387TT

Aircraft: Spirit A320
Registration: N636NK

Aircraft: Dassault Falcon 7X
Registration: N19NE
Route: Unknown

Aircraft: United A320
Registration: N486UA

Aircraft: Delta 757
Registration: N658DL

Aircraft: Wheels Up Beech B300 Super King Air 350
Registration: N889UP
Route: 07FA-KTPA

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Thanks for taking the time to look!


Did a bit of editing on your United photo and it came out like

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Nice! That one was for sure my favorite!

That’s a good days spoting!

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Did a quick edit on the Spirit A320!


Thanks! I will put it on there.

I really like the Southwest 🤩 I think there cool even without editing!

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Thanks I thought so too, hence the no-edits.

I have to say I love the LH photo

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Thanks! That was a very lucky catch…

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Honestly I did not even know LH flew into Tampa

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I didn’t either until I saw it inbound on FR24.

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Made the Southwest look like it is landing into a storm

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Nice Photos! I tried editing the DLH A340

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This is kinda an out there edit but I tried to capture the scene all together


Perhaps adding the edits into a Details tab so the thread isn’t insanely long.

I’ll take my shots at editing these soon

Okay. Doing the hide details thingie now…

Love the 3rd photo. Looks she’s heavy. Great pics all in all! :)

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Nice shots!

My Edit:

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Looks like some are having fun at editing your pictures, so here’s my take on the WN 737:
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