Spotting Tips!

Good Evening,
I’m looking to get into aircraft spotting. I have done a bit in the past using my IPhone 8 at EGCC (Manchester Intl).
Here’s a photo I have previously taken:

I’m looking to get a camera and wondered if you had any suggestions. I’m not looking to spend ‘big bucks’ but something that will allow good quality photos!

Thanks Charlie


What’s your photography background ?..e.g experienced , new
What is your budget ?
What things you planning to do with this camera apart from aviation use?

Hi George,
I have very little experience in photography. Only experience is really are EGCC. My budget is probably around £100-£150! I don’t really plan to use it for much else apart from aviation and spotting


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Now that can help us spotters recommended you things now!

Sorry about that. Never made a topic before!

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Nice Little canon Camera. 20.5mp has some good zoom as well.

Would recommend to watched some YouTube videos (reviews) as see if its ideal or want something else

A DSLR or interchangeable lens mirrorless setup is going to produce the best photos. The lens is far more important than the body especially if you’re new. Invest in high quality glass from the start and upgrade the camera body as you gain experience.

What do you classify as “big bucks”? In the grand scheme of things a £1000 setup is quite low cost and even that is out of reach for many people.

If you have any questions you want answered you can send me a PM and I’ll answer them as best as I can.

My setup:

Camera: Canon EOS 100D
Lens: Tamron 150-600mm

Example shots:

And finally:

Who says you can’t use a telephoto for landscapes?


I use a Canon EOS Rebel XS. It’s a fairly good camera. It’s not a new camera, as mine is around 10 years old.


Example shots:

Unfortunately, the camera decides whether it’s bright enough for a flash, and as far as I’ve checked, there’s literally nothing you can do about it. It zooms pretty far, and the farthest shot I’ve taken that is decent was from 2.3 miles away.

My god they are amazing !!

I have a canon 750D
lens: Canon 55-250mm


What Brilliant photos!
Thanks for the help! I will have a look at those cameras now.


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Take a look here, there’s a lot of info:

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Cheers Mika. I will have a look at that now


Message me directly if you need anymore assistance with your photography gear/skills.


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This is kind of old but I figured I might drop a reply.

100-150 isn’t going to get you anywhere. I’d say the cheapest I would consider is about 400. I don’t know how prices look in the UK, but in America you can get a D3400 and 70-300mm lens for about 500 USD which is like 380 Pounds. However the lens normally retails for 300 ish but in America one chain store sells it for 150. Get the camera body only.

Quick note: I would not recommend a point and shoot. If you’re just going to do normal spotting then a beginner DSLR and lens will yield far, far, FAR superior shots to a point and shoot of the same cost.

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