Spotting Time At WIII Part 2


This time I will share my spotting photos for anyone who likes Queen Of The Skies and Skydancer.

Spotting Place : Soekarno Hatta International Airport
Icao/Iata : WIII/CGK

Airbus A330 Neo Garuda Indonesia PK-GHC “Let’s Wear Mask” Special Livery

Airbus A330 Malaysia Airlines 9M-MTJ Special Livery

Boeing 747 KLM Cargo PH-CKB

Boeing 747 China Airlines Cargo B-18721

Boeing 747 Cathay Pacific Cargo B-LID

Bonus Boeing 787 Ethiopian Airlines ET-ATK

Hope you guys like it !


Loved them all. But I never seen that Garuda Indonesia Livery before. Is that a mask at the nose of the plane?

Tip for next time:

Don’t do the bullet points because it pushes the photo out of view on mobile.

Aside from that, great pictures!


Yes that is mask at the nose, part of garuda campaign “Let’s wear mask”. Not all fleets but 777 and 737 also have the same mask

Thanks ! Fixed 😄…

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Lovely images!

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Amazing! Love the Garuda mask livery!

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The A330neo looks so good 🔥 Thanks for sharing!

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Love the shots. Keep it up!

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You know you have made a good picture when you can tell you buttered for a photo. Great job!

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Thanks !!! 🙏

Thankyou ! Me too 😬

Thankyoy sashaz 🙏

Thankyou , I love neo too 😍

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Thankyou so much 🙏

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747 cargos are so beautiful!

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Great shots !! My favorite is 1 🤩👏🏻

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Queen of the skies 😬, thankyou !

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Thankyou 😁😁😁🙏

Woooh beautiful photos😎🤝🤩