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Hello community,

Is it possible to have a personal spotting thread that shows all the spotting photos from different airports you have been to? I aim to try and spot almost every weekend at Manchester and don’t want to make many threads all for the same reason.


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Move this to #general, it doesn’t belong in #support.

You could PM @ moderators if you would like approval for a thread like that.

Use the #real-world-aviation:spotting category to share any spotting you did yourself.

I’m asking if I can make one thread for several spotting trips I have made

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Why not? Thats why they made #real-world-aviation:spotting :)
If you want one thread, that ok… multiple is fine as well as long as you follow the rules :)

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Simply PM a moderator (as I previously stated), and they could possibly approve a thread where you can compile all of your spotting times over time in one thread, instead of creating separate threads for every time you go spotting.


Well, I think you can. If you make it clear enough it shouldn’t be bad.

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Do you know any moderators I should ask?

@ DeerCrusher, @ Levet, @ schyllberg, and many more.

Some people that replied to this should take a look at this topic. Point Of Order: When it's answered, it's answered.
@Niccckk already made the response clear.

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Please keep this in #meta

Best way is to message @ moderators.

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Hey. We require individual threads per session. Thanks!