Spotting the Qantas A380 at KDFW

Feel free to share your photos if you’d like. A couple months ago I saw a Qantas A380 at DFW

I also saw a British Airways 747

What have you guys spotted?



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This belongs to the Real World Category (@Kaj , beat you by a Second Lol)

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This topic is suppose to be in #real-world-aviation if im miy mistaken

Yes we know but unfortunately hes not a high enough TL level to post there so we are unable to move it for him

It belongs in #real-world-aviation:spotting, but he is only TL1. So he can’t post in it.

The OP is not TL2, so cannot post in #real-world-aviation or #real-world-aviation:spotting

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Those are nice photos though!

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Hey, just a heads up, once @Dylan_M, and @KaiM said it, there was no need for the other two or three people who chimed in…