Spotting the Private NASCAR jets at MHT [Busiest day of the year]

Welcome to another Spotting thread!

Today, I went back to MHT to spot the arrival of all the Private jets for the Nascar race that’ll happen this weekend!
This is THE busiest day that MHT will ever get. Every year, we get 10 or so private jets come into Manchester. This makes things very interesting.
Enjoy the pictures!

N60GH backtaxiing Runway 24 to departing back to Concord, NC

N47VA taxiing to Signature after landing from Concord, NC (one of the Five blue ERJ145’s)

N500DE taxiing to Signature, coming in from Statesville, NC

N46VA coming in from Statesville, NC

N70VA Also coming in from Statesville, NC

N520JG coming in from Concord, NC

N508RH landing from Concord, NC

N141SH coming in from Concord, NC

N509RH coming in from Concord, NC

And finally to show you how busy MHT was today.

I hope you liked the pictures! Next week, MHT will once again be very busy once they all depart back to Concord, NC or Statesville, NC.

Thank you for viewing!


What incredible photos, very interesting!
Are the private jets of the pilots?

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I can never complain about your photos!

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Hey N500DE! That is one of Dale Earnhardt’s 3 E-jets! We recently had one of them in Minneapolis for the PGA tour!

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No haha, I don’t fly private jets lol. I don’t even have a PPL lol.

I always love to see the special private jets and their unique liveries. I’ll be going to college at Embry-Riddle right next to the Daytona Int’l Speedway so maybe I’ll be able to get some pics similar to yours!

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Awesome photos! I like NASCAR, so it’s pretty cool to see the teams private jets! That’s pretty cool!
Here’s the teams aircraft:
N509RH and N508RH - Hendrick Motorsports
N141SH - Stewart Haas Racing
N520JG - Joe Gibbs Racing

I only know the large teams aircraft.

I’m just a NASCAR fan. 😉
Great photos of these planes @Daniel_Cerritos! 😃👍🏻

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Cool pictures private jets are an every day occurrence at KCHO you are lucky to witness that parade of planes

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@CaptainNoGear look

Great photos! I love Joe Gibbs’ aircraft


Nice to live in NASCAR land. Often see many at Concord and a Rausch Fenway 727 at CLT. I’ve always liked the black Hendricks tail with the gold lines

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Sweet!! That’s some awesome photos! Thanks for sharing!

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Very good pictures!

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I live in CLT its always fun to see them fly over school going to or from places. Nice catches.

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