Spotting the China Airlines A350 at IAH

Spotting the China Airlines A350 at IAH


The President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen visited Houston on a trip to South America last week. She visited Paraguay and Belize, along with the USA (Houston and Los Angeles).

The Flight

CI1587 departed BZE at 12:46 Saturday August 18, and headed towards Miami. After passing the Yucatán peninsula, they turned left to continue on their flight to Houston. They did this to avoid Mexican Airspace.


B-18917 was scheduled to depart at 7pm Sunday.
I, along with plenty of other Houston Spotters were awaiting its departure. The aircraft was at Central Cargo (APD Below), Which almost certainly meant a 15L departure.

Blue: Central Cargo
Green: 15L/33R
Yellow: Rankin Road Spotting Location

Credit to Blair McFarlain


Right on time, at 7:00, we saw it being pushed back. ATC told them to expect 15L. 2 minutes later, we heard “Dynasty 1587, turn right heading 360, runway 15L cleared for takeoff.”


You can find my account here.


I have an Instagram account that I post my spotting pictures on!


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I remeber seeing you mention it earlier on in some topic so I kind of expected this. Anyway, These are some stellar photos man. Great Job! 👌👍 The A350 really pulls of the China Airlines Livery. What camera do you use?

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Wow, you are so lucky to spot such a notable aircraft like that!

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Did you know, the president of Taiwan’s name directly translates to Vegetable English in English?

Also, this is hella cool. Great spot!


Those are some awesome pics, the first one on rotate and the second picture’s close up 👌🏽.

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Gotta love the kid that’s holding his dad’s iPhone 😂😂😂


I use the Canon 80D, with a 75-300mm F4/5.6 lens. Thank you!


Yep. Those little guys know a ton about aviation! We also saw More To Love depart that night, and they knew what it was as soon as it emerged from the terminal 2+ miles away!


Nice photos! I went to Houston last year. Wish I went plane spotting…

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Great pictures. Though I don’t want to get political, it’s a little offensive for me to see “president” of Taiwan as a Chinese.

Well, last time she came to Houston, it was on an EVA 77W!

Absolutely love the detail and planning and information. Seeing what the FPL was and the explanation of such (didnt think about it for some reason). Great job and great photos!

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