Spotting the Atlas Air 747-400 at MHT!

Hi everyone! I’m back with more Spotting from Manchester, NH!
Now, we normally get the normal traffic we get here in MHT, but today, we received an Atlas Air Boeing 747-400!
Why is this a big deal for us at MHT? We rarely get anything this big, especially a 747! We also got one single diversion from Boston, which was a Delta A320, which later departed to BOS.

I hope you like the pictures!

Delta A320 hanging out at Gate 4, came in from Tampa due to excessive fog in Logan Airport

The All Mighty Atlas Air 747-400! [N464MC - 27.3 years old!]

Our lovely troops waiting to board. They were heading to Slovenia in Europe

American Eagle CRJ700 headed to Charlotte, NC.

Delta A320 taxis to Runway 17, heading back down to Boston after diverting in from Tampa.

Three Southwest 737-700s parked at their gates. It’s a VERY uncommon sight to see this from southwest.

Atlas Air 747-400 taxis in front of the Museum, making for an epic sight! It then back taxied Runway 17

Back Taxiing on the runway

Exiting the Runway back onto Hotel.

This is after it departed from the Airport. Let’s wish our troops safe travels! KMHT-LJLJ

This was a great sight to see in Manchester, and especially a 747! It’s becoming uncommon now to see a 747, as they’re slowly becoming retired.

Thank you for looking, and comment which one was your favorite :)


I liked the last one.

A takeoff roll performed by a 747 is always epic

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Manchester NH is one of the saddest airports I’ve every seen. Even Portland Jetport PWM is busier.

Wow! Great pictures!

I remember when San Jose got the Air India 744 as well as a United 744! They are amazing aircraft!


Love atlas air, nice pics

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Nice photos. I liked photo number 7.

So army soldiers go on atlas air?

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Usually soldiers are taken on either Atlas Air or Omni Air when going from on long flights overseas to different military bases, etc.

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But aren’t they cargo so they dont have seats

Sorry for being off topic

It depends. Omni Air and Atlas Air do both Military charters.
Atlas Air usually will send us a Boeing 767-300 if they ever decide to bring them here. This is a very rare occurrence. Omni Air usually sends us a 767-200, but once sent us a Boeing 777-200ER

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Wow, I’m jealous you guys got a 747. My home airport hasn’t gotten a 747 in a while. We used to see a Virgin 747 about 5 times a week, but the service was changed to the Airbus A330-200/300. We got a 747-8F last year, but that was pretty much it. You guys in Manchester extremely lucked out on this one. Hope to see more photos from MHT soon.


Atlas Air 747-400 at MHT
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Very Nice Daniel!

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good job, I like the way you explain everything

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