Spotting the Antonov in Montreal

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows at what runway it will be landing at and what the best spotting locations are.

It depends on what the active runways are. Your best bet is to get there about an hour before it lands to see what the arrival pattern is and what the active runways are

If it is anything like the last time, the crowd will be huge. I would be watching the flow for the day and be prepared a couple hours early.

Can you normally see them on Flightradar24?

Yes, however the winds can change at any moment with no warning sign and that won’t be reflected on Flightradar24 until new planes come in. The reason why I recommend getting there at least an hour before is because you can look at the windsock and if it changes direction, you know where to head! Plus, if you are there sooner, you can look around for amazing places to spot at. That is what I did when I went spotting at KEWR. I was waiting for a UA 78X and a BA 772, but it took us about 35 minutes to find the perfect spot, and time is valuable, especially for a bird like this


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