Spotting Summer 2017 @Copenhagen EKCH/CPH Part 2

Hi guys, this is part 2 of my spotting last summer.
This was in Copenhagen Airport, and runway used: 22R &

Norwegian 737-800 Unicef livery.

Tap Portugal A319 Departing for Lisbon, Portugal.
Norwegian 737 in background

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) A321 departing from 22R and off to London Heathrow.

SAS A320NEO departing for Faroe Islands (This photo was not the best, due to heat haze) But I like it anyways.

SAS A330-300 Departing for Chicago.

Air France A318 departing for Paris Charles De Gaulle.

While those photos may not look like the best, I want to include them anyways because SAS is replacing A340s with A350s.
Air Baltic 737-500 Departing for Riga!

SAS 737-700 Departing for boston ;) (Now they use A330s there)

Changing spot, to Runway 22L

Lufthansa A320 Sharklets coming in from Frankfurt.

SAS A321 on final for 22L


Swiss A321 on final from Zurich


Danish Air Transport A320 on final


Thomas Cook A321 on final.


Emirates A380-800 Departing for Dubai. The runway the A380 uses is 22L/04R.


And it all ended on Havnehytten Café & Bistro with boats & aircraft while eating ice cream.

Thanks for watching, and hope you liked it!


Nice! I’ve never seen the whale in real life.

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I have seen it twice, an LH parking in Frankfurt and an EK parked in Zurich. It is HUGE!!! Very nice pics!

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Thanks!! And yeah me too, its so massive my gosh!

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Amazing the A380 sure is very huge!! Also thanks <3

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Nice photos! Lots of nice airplanes as well!

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I agree, and thank you so much. :D

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Amazing pics! However i didnt understand clearly one thing: is that 737 really going to Boston or was it a mistake? Thanks

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Great Photos, I like !!!

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Very Cool Photos! Nicee!

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Sorry for a very late response, yes It was going to Boston.
This is route uses Privatair 737 :)

However, they use the A330-300 now as these photos were in 2017.

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Thanks, Man!
Sadly I left IFC though, even though I went spotting.
If you want to see my pictures, aviation.cph on Instagram

Cathay A350, icelandair737max, sas a330, sas a340, emirates year of Zayed, air Canada 777, Thai 777, air china a330, is gonna be seen there soon :)

Also, tell me if I really should make a #real-world-aviation:spotting again.

I don’t know, those last few look a little over exposed, but great photos!

Might I ask what camera you used?

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Thanks, hehe yes.
I use the Canon EOS 1300D with a 75-300mm lens.

Tell me if I should do another spotting again, as I went to the airport 4 days ago and saw the CX A350, Air China A330, Icelandair 737max & 757, SAS A330, Year of Zayed Emirates A380, Air Canada 777, Thai 777 and more!

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Ya, we would love to see more! Just remember the 10 picture rule next time… 😉

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Actually really only the first A380 one…

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Yeah, that was back when I didn’t know how to edit. now I use gradient and stuff

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Alright! I will try my best to upload them ASAP, by the way this was before the 10 picture rule.

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I know, that’s why I am talking about the next post not this one…

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Oh alright, thanks for reminding me! =)

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