Spotting suggestions

Hey people I am in need of advice! I am not sure what airport I should create a spotting post for. Any suggestions would be grateful and I could be creating a post for your suggested airport.

Many thanks, Captain Jones!

I will be replicating movement’s from real life at a suggested airport using the solo mode on infinite flight to create a spotting feed on the screenshots section on here

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IRL Spotting, or spotting on Infinite Flight?

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Infinite flight

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I would suggest following the IFATC schedule. Here are some airports (that should be relatively busy). Hopefully, you’ll catch some nice planes!

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I’m not looking for online spotting I’m deciding what airport to replicate real life movements on solo mode to screenshot and create a post for the screenshot category

Ahh, got you. Sorry for misunderstanding…

There are many great airports out there, but personally I think that San Francisco is one of my favorites out there.


All good I didn’t quite explain it properly. I will definitely consider sfo as an airport I could do this at!

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Atlanta and go to to parking garage Next to 9L or Go to the hotel by The FedEx and DHL ramps

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