Spotting Spots at YYZ

Hello IFC, this summer i have plans to go to Toronto and do something spotting for a few hours, and i was wondering if anyone could recommend good spots? where you could stay for hours and not get in trouble or anything like that


Runway 23 is by far my favourite! There’s a Wendy’s nearby to load up on food and coffee for you spotting sessions! It’s also the one of the closest spots where you can get to the runway.


Okay cool, i’ll be sure to check it out thank you


Runway 23! Go look at some of my planespotting vids on my yt. Amazing view! You could do right to the centerline of the runway and the planes would come as close as 100 feet away! And that’s also the runway where most heavies land!


I hope you have fun, make sure to post pictures because I’d like to see it.

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That’s if i remember to take mt phone out:)

Everyone has been saying runway 23. Yes that’s a great spot by the Wendy’s. Nearby, also on runway 23 there is an unused parking garage which is great for spotting. Sometimes, the wind directions shift, and the other side of 23 has good spots. The 2 bottom runways are hard on the side that has 23, but on the other side you can see both runways pretty well if you use a road. This road has signs plastered everywhere saying ‘no stopping’ so do be weary of that, but there are normally so many people there that it is not usually shut down.

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There’s a great spot for 06L/ R arrivals and departures, and 24R/ L departures on Convair Dr. You pull your car up onto a small hill and get a great, totally legal look at the parallel runways and taxiways leading up. If you’d like an example, check my topic below where I spotted an Emirates 380 via Convair Dr. this past winter.


Thank you all for the amazing areas, when i go i do plan on taking loads of pictures:)

This is completely legal but you can’t legally park your car.

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I’m might be going to Toronto too, I’m just wondering where you get good pictures of some heavies.

Some pretty good spots have been said here:) from what it sounds like anyways

I tried to go there before and the airport security told me to leave because we were blocking an entrance.

Really? I’ve been to that spot countless times and have never had any trouble. There’s also typically others at the same spot and we defiently don’t block any entrance to anything aslong as you park your car on the shoulder and not the road.

Such spot is also listed on spotting websites.

Oh, well that’s weird than.

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