Spotting spots at KJFk

Does anyone have any good free spotting spots for KJFK that gets good aircraft action and have a good view of T5


This is always helpful, also, reaching out on discord for a JFK spotter is always helpful!

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JFK spotting isn’t all that to be honest. The spots are either situational, far, buggy, risky to carry a camera around, or expensive. If you want a view of T5 you’ll have to go to T5 garage but I’m not convinced that’s a clear view anymore because of the construction. Otherwise the spots by Rockaway/230PL are good for 22s and Bayswater for 04s.

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I agree with @AndrewWu: the garage is no good anymore, so I know you said free @Avaitor1, but really the TWA hotel is the only spot where you have T5 views. At TWA, If you are respectful they sometimes let spotters up for minimal cost (30$ a head) if you aren’t swimming.

There are a few not popular spots that are at gas stations, etc. that are not popular since they can be a bit sketchy, but let me know if you are interested in those spots.

Hope this helps!

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