Spotting Somewhere New Part 2 - 7/27/19 @ KJFK

Hey IFC! This is the second part from when I went spotting recently at JFK. Part 2 focuses mainly on the heavies of JFK. Check out Part 1 here:

You can read more about the TWA hotel here:

An Air India 777 taxiing to terminal 4 after a 15 hour flight from Delhi

A FedEx MD11 taxiing to runway 31R

My first A350 spotting, a Qatar A350 taxiing to parking

An A380 and A350 holding short of 22R, waiting for a JetBlue A320 to take off.

A China Airlines Cargo 747 taxiing to parking

A Virgin Atlantic A340 taxiing off while a Qatar A350 lands

A Virgin Atlantic A340 holding short of 22R

An Emirates A380 taxiing to terminal 4

The only shot I was able to get of the A350 on short final. The sun was behind any aircraft landing, giving the photos this effect. I know it’s not the best photo, but I figured I would stick it in here for the occasion.

I hope you enjoyed my photos, and feedback is welcomed! I use a Nikon D3000 with a 75-300 mm lens.


Pictures 2 and 7 were my favorite. I love that engine view on picture 2, the 77W is just beautiful, no matter the livery. (Not saying AI livery is bad, I’ve flown them b4) those GE90’s 🤤😊🥵🥵 love them. Also, my dad got me into loving the a346 because we think it’s cool how loooooooong it is. The engines also look muuuch better than the hair dryer a343 engines💀🤢. Amazing pictures! Can’t wait to see more :D

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Thanks! The 777 passed right next to me while it was taxiing. The engines make such a nice sound, I sorta wish I got video of it.

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They do indeed. Music to my ears 🎵

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For these great photos @Guxk I’m gonna give you a 20/10

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Great photos @Guxk! Photo 7 was my favorite, keep up the good work!

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Awesome photos! I love that air India 77W front view photo, I adore those big juicy jets!

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Very nice A350-1000


Ahhh I love that Fed Ex MD-11 pic!!

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Love them all! Great pictures

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Awesome photos my fav was the a350 what a beautiful plane

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