Spotting Somewhere New Part 1 - 7/27/19 @ KJFK

Hey IFC! I went to the TWA hotel at John F. Kennedy International Airport today do do some spotting. The top of the hotel offers extensive views of the ramp and active runways. You can read more here:

A JetBlue E190 taxiing to terminal 5.

A Delta A320 lifting off from Runway 22R

A Delta A320 pushing back in front of assorted Delta aircraft #reworkthe757

A Delta A321 lifting off from runway 22R

Yep, another Delta aircraft blasting out of JFK

An Avianca A319 pulling out of T4

A JetBlue A320 pushing back.

Alaska 737 taxiing to terminal 7

Another A320 blasting off of 22L.

I hope you enjoyed my photos! I use a Nikon D3000 with a 75-300 mm lens. Stay tuned for part 2!


I’d give you a solid 11/10 on these spots. You know what? I’ma bump that to a 20/10 just because. Actually, I think I’ll bump mine to a 200/10 because just because because. You know what, I’m feeling a little extra generous today. I’ll give you a 1000/10 buddy. Actually, because your name is Guxk, I’ll give you 10,000/10. You know what? 10k isn’t enough. I think 20,000/10 will do.


I would give him a 13/10 I think I’m also gonna bump up to 30/10 @InfiniteNick
I’m feeling a little generous today I’m gonna bump mine to 300/10
And I’ll give you a 3000/10 for these great photos
Because your name is Guxk and you made a topic and took time to go spotting I’m going to give you a 20,000/10
Yeah I don’t think 20K is enough gonna give you 40,000/10


Your gonna hump yours? Ah yes, gReAT dECisioN. (jk lol)


Whaaaaaaaaaaaat are you talking about I wouldn’t say that lol


Oops didn’t meen it like dat


Thanks @InfiniteNick and @Zach007

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Love the photos! You are so lucky to be close to large airports like that.

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Thanks! Im certainly lucky that the hotel has such a great vantage point and that its free lol

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