Spotting some whales and Queens in Frankfurt back in 2019! @EDDF

Hey everyone, it’s time again for a new spotting topic! This time we’re looking back into the pre pandemic time. Back in 2019 I was spotting in Frankfurt, for the first time with my Canon 1100D. Sadly I wasn’t able to go to one of the Planespottingpoints around the airport. BUT I was able to do some spotting on the apron! I took part in the XXL airport apron tour and was able to see a few large birds up close. Especially the B747 and the A380!!

And sorry for the BAckLigHt 🥴…

Camera: Canon EOS1100D
Lens: Sigma 18-300mm
Airport: Frankfurt International Airport

Okaaaay let’s goooooo

A nice tail lineup at Terminal 2

The good old Queen waiting at the gate

The Superjumbo chilling at the gate


The “Diva” resting at the remote stand

Like I said, HEAVEN… 😍

The pencil rotating on runway 25C

The A340-300 also wanted to be mentioned!

I’m gonna miss this beast

Queen entering God mode


Great shots mate!

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Thank you! :)

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like I said, beautiful 😍

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It took me a moment to realize what “whales” meant lol

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Wow that is cool!

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Sexy shmexy… Funnily, I am currently flying this in IF xD

However, this one is the best shot for me! All are superb, but I like the composition the most in this picture!


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