Spotting @ Skiathos [LGSK]

Went here almost a year ago. I never got round to posting these on the IFC though…

Thomas Cook Airbus A321

Skiathos a321 (3)Skiathos a321 (2)

Battles hard crosswind on final and finishes with a hard touchdown!

Olympic Air Dash Q-400

Skiathos Dashq-400 (2)

butters the bread

Skiathos Dashq-400

Volotea Boeing 717

Skiathos B717 (2)
I can’t really remember the landing for this one…

Anyway! Thank you for taking some time to look at my first spotting post. I really appreciate it. Sorry for the bad quality photos, I had to screenshot them from a video. Expect more spotting photos coming soon, I’m traveling to Corfu soon so I’ll definitely be spotting there.

As always, happy landings!!


Great looking shots, are they edited?

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Awesome photos! It must be super fun being extra close to the planes!


Thanks! All are unedited. I can edit them if you want.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, it’s amazing how close you can get to the planes. I could get a stick and probably touch one if I wanted to.

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Nah it’s ok, looks great even without editing.

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