Spotting Session @TAPA 12/12-30/18

Hey Everybody!

With the year coming to a close, I thought I should share some photos with you guys.

Equipment: iPhone X

American Airlines Boeing 737-800

Sunwing Airlines Boeing 737-800

United Airlines Boeing 737-900ER

British Airways Boeing 777-200ER

American Airlines Boeing 737-8MAX


Thanks for viewing my topic!


Awesome pictures Khyle!

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Love the pictures! Can’t wait to get back to SXM in February. Expect some awesome pictures ☺️


Great pictures! I just feel bad for those poor pax on that American MAX 8 😂


nice shots!
The AA737max is a favorite of mine. Looks so clean with thelivery and splits.

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They are actually called AT winglets, but thanks!

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BTW, AT stands for advanced technology.

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TAPA! 😍 love some Caribbean Airport thats can handle some heavy aircraft.
TAPA, TBPB, and other…

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They’re all great! But, I think that @Balloonchaser can agree with me that TNCM is the absolute best! But yeah TAPA is awesome too.


You shot that all on iPhone? Dang, you must be able to get nice and close there.

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Yeah, I actually had a small lens (55-200mm). My dad also got me special access to the ramp. Might upload a Part 2 later.


Nice shots! Never seen A Sunwing before!

Should upload a Part II?

  • Yes
  • No

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Awesome pictures! Those are definitely some of the best spotting pictures I’ve seen with a phone!

Thanks! If this gets at least 50 likes, I would definitely post a Part II.


You don’t? We get them almost everyday here.

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I have on FR24, but not in person

Sunwing is a Canada - Caribbean/Mexico Destination Airline.

I’m going to be missing their 1st arrival to TNCM post Irma by 1 week 🙄

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These are good pictures, especially with the iPhone

Great photos! I would love to go to a Caribbean airport and spot!