Spotting session @KLAX 1/12/20

Hey folks! I recently just got a camera and have totally found a new passion in photography! My father knew I’ve wanted a camera for a while so he surprised me with one! I went to LAX with a buddy of mine from school who also has a camera and does plane spotting. I had a really great time and am thinking of doing something with spotting very soon on the social media side of things. Without further ado, here are my top 3 pics I got last Sunday.

I just started spotting so some criticism is actually wanted in this case to improve! I’m always someone who’s open to improving so if you have any feedback let me know!

  1. Delta 767-332ER (Reg.N172DN)
    Featuring some of California’s beautiful mountains in the background! Going to miss these beauties leave the skies.
    Route: JFK-LAX

  2. Asiana A380 (Reg.HL-7634)
    Just look at that gear tilt!
    Route: ICN-LAX

  3. WestJet 737-8CT (Reg.C-FWIJ)
    Coming from snowy Canada to sunny Cali!
    Route: YYZ-LAX

Thanks for clicking on my topic today! I can’t wait to see where this new hobby for photography will take me!


Wow , the quality is pretty awesome ! Which Canon model’s did you used for photography ?

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I have a Canon T1i
It’s an older camera but I’m going to slowly work my way up to better cameras and lenses.

Nice shots!
That Delta B767 😍😍

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Nice shots! Maybe edit them a little bit. I can edit them too if you want.

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Thanks! Yeah these are totally raw

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