Spotting Session at KCVG 31-3-19

On 31 March, I went to CVG to planespot, and it was the best experience of my life. Lots of planes at fantastic angles. It was great. Anyways, you’re here for the pictures, so here they are. Sorry if the quality isn’t great. I had transferring issues with my camera.

Started off with a Delta Skyteam 737-800

Kalitta 747-400

Delta Connection CRJ-200

Atlas Cargo 737-400

Southwest 737-700

Delta Connection CRJ-900

Frontier A321

American Eagle E145

American Eagle CRJ-700

Finally, an American Eagle E135 in the old livery

I hope you enjoyed!

Good Day,


Wow! Stunning shots!

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Thank you!

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Very good shots, thanks! I tend to like older liveries more these days… getting old?

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i liked it really good job

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Thank you! I like the old liveries, too. I yearn to see the WN original livery irl

Stunning! However, did you shoot this through the window?

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Great shots. Keep it up!

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The Delta SkyTeam livery 🤤 great pics.

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No, I was on the parking garage

Parking garage for the win! Awesome shots, brother!

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Thanks, man

Cool photos

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