Spotting Session 6/1/17@Devonport, Tasmania

My spotting session so far today. I will post more pictures as they come.
(Sorry about the blur, the heat distorts images).
A Dash 8 Q400/QantasLink/VH-LQK/Landing at YDPO

A 737-800/Virgin Australia/VH-VOM/Heading to YMLT


I will post as they come


A fellow Tasmanian!!! Only down the road at Launceston - Exeter.

Nice shots btw.


A Cessena 172R/Unknown Operations


Thanks! It’s hard to find another Tasmanian. Is it hot there too?

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Mild, although being in victoria right now I couldn’t tell ya.

Is Qantaslink the only commercial they fly from Devonport?


I’m pretty sure. We only get Dash 8’s and a few private aircraft. I know Launceston gets 737’s and maybe 717’s? I know Hobart gets 717’s. Anyway, enjoying the planes up there?

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We get:

  • Dash Qantas
  • Qantas Cargo 737
  • Jetstar A320
  • Virgin 737
  • Virgin Embraer
  • regional airlines like sharp

As far as I’m aware we don’t get 717’s


Nice! It gets pretty boring up here with just a few Dash 8’s. They usually turn a South to East over my house though, so that’s cool when they are low! I was asking about the 717’s because apparently they cut out the routes to Launceston. Did you arrive Melbourne airport?

Qantaslink still operates it… I arrived at YMML as usual.

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Thought so. I arrived at YMML too but I didn’t get to see much. It was for a wedding. Anyway, I’ll let you enjoy your holiday! Good luck! 😉 🇦🇺🇦🇺

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The last commercial flight of the day:
A Dash 8 Q400/QantasLink/VH-QOV


A surprise plane:
A Hawker Beechcraft B200C/Royal Flying Doctor Service/Landing at YDPO

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Never been to Tassie, would love to visit though, great photos @Dekallium

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Thank you! It’s nice here. Hot one day, cold the next. Some really nice places 🇦🇺 @Louis

Great photos! Take me there when you go @Louis! xD

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There’s another beautiful Q400😍😍😍

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@PiloteerFrankie @PlaneCrazy Thank you, it is nice here when it’s warm and not burning hot or freezing cold.

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