Spotting Saturday at JFK

Sorry, Discourse killed the quality, download photos for better resolution.

Inwood Park:

Bayswater Park:



Great pics! Are there any closer locations for spotting? Seems like the spotting locations around JFK are far away from the runway.

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Brookville Park, Inwood Park, Charles Memorial Park and Bayswater Park are the best imo :)

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Forgot these :)


Do planes come close overhead?

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Norwegian😍🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴 I expect this livery in the next update! Especially the plane with Greta Garbo! Simply pretty!


Close enough lol.

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Nice pics!


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Very nice pictures. Do you know the registration of the Alitalia A330?

Does it matter?

How would you see it from that far away… It’s not like you can take photos and use binoculars at the same time :-)
@Parsa the American livery matches the 787 so well! It looks so much more modern than other planes with the same livery in their fleet.

Yeah. I’ve seen way more. Like the A300-600

What runway where these planes landing on? It’s really cool to see them landing at JFK but sometimes a can actually see them from my house

Why not? Sometimes you can see it on the pictures or just notice the registration while spotting.

Well it is quite hard to see :-) And it is quite hard to remember every single registration

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