Spotting planes @EHAM

Hey there,
Past week has been quite exhausting…, so I decided to relax by going spotting at Schiphol with my dad and a bud of mine.
After waking up at 6am, I made myself ready for a nice day of spotting. It was a bit cloudy, just a bit. But that didn’t stop me 😎.
At 7.15am we were on the road for a 1.5h trip to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It was still cloudy, but hey… too late to back out now.

We first went to the Buitenveldertbaan (09-27) to watch some narrowbody departures and then we went to the Zwanenburgbaan (18C-36C) to watch the rest. It was a ton of fun, some aircraft took the long taxiway all around the runway so they taxied really near us.
Aaanywayy, I used my mums cam (a Linux) to capture the planes. Hope you enjoy the pictures :)

Let’s start off with a nice KLM 737-700 travelling to somewhere in Europe

An KLM ERJ-190 also travelling to somewhere in Europe

Nice little view of Schiphol, with a Silkway 747F on final in the background from Baku

A China Airlines a350-900 bound for Taipei climbing

A KLM 777-200ER bound for TNCB

Turkish Airlines new a350 departing to Istanbul, right after a KLM 737-700 departed to Istanbul

A Martinair Cargo 747-400F twice the age as me departing to Miami

An United 787-8 departing to Chicago O’Hare

Garuda Indonesia 77w taxiing around the runway (The first officer waved at me!!)

This is my personal favourite, one departing one on final (maybe I should’ve cropped it more, but I like it this way)

In the end it rained a little. So we went home after a few more aircraft. And for life just laughing at me more, ever single day they forecasted rain. Every day it was sunny, except… this day…
Oh well, still happy I went. Hope you enjoyed these pictures.
Are these JP quality? No, but I’m really happy on how these turned out because in my opinion I really improved on taking the picture!

Thanks for viewing
See ya! ✌


Great photos @Infinite_Qantas! I love number 3, the airport, planes and tower go great with each other. 8 is great as well, gotta love the 777.

Thanks for sharing!

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I like these pictures of planes

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thank you :)

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Amazing photos! I personally like #9 the most!

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thanks :)
I’ve really wanted to spot that plane for quite a while!

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There’s something off about this…

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 4.32.01 PM

Superb photos, Qantas! 🙌


Dude! You catched the PH-MPS 747 Freighter of Martinair!😍😍😍

Nice photos though!

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No, the Fokker isn’t hovering above the ground…

Thanks @Roubsan!
But just a question :p, is the Martinair a rare catch?



Merci beaucoup 😄


Wow stunning pictures 🤩

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@BonaireDude what do you say?

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Thank you😊

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very nice pictures ! 🤩🤩

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Nice photos, in my opinion they go pretty well with the overcast skies in the background. Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome pics!! Love every one of them…

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Thank you all :)
Really appreciate the compliments

Dikke foto’s man💪

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