Spotting places at Melbourne

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Yes, I know this is a duplicate but the original is not helpful. I want to see the side of the runway but where?



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Hi bro!
In the main airports around the world there are several places where you can spend all day watching approaches and departures of the planes, it is a very father sight since you really have them nearby!
It’s just a matter of looking on the internet or around the airport somewhere with an incredible view and to take a coffee watching airplanes of all kinds!

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Melbourne Airport has an Airport Viewing Location, just north of the area. You could also go to Perimeter Rd which also has some good locations to spot at. I live in the area, so just trying to help!


Thanks mate!


In Melbourne there is some kind of “cafe” or place where you have a terrace and you can have a good time with a coffee watching the airplanes?
Here in Mexico City (MMMX) if you see from the smallest to the Air France A380


Here’s a link to most if not all the spotting spots at Melbourne International Airport.

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