Spotting pictures from EBBR.

This is my first time posting a topic here so bare with me. These pictures are from a while back and keep in mind, I have many more but these are the ones I took with my phone, there wil be pictures from 2 different spotting days, let me know if you like them.
Last 5 pictures had meh weather so.
-all pictures are taken at the same runway. -
(all taken with a phone camera)

Brussels Airlines A330

United Airlines 777-200ER

Hainan Airlines 787

Brussels Airlines A320 or A319

TUI 737

Icelandair 757

Lufthansa A320

Air Arabia A320

Ibera A320NEO

A320 unknown airline

Sadly “The Queen Of The Skies” didn’t pay a visit when I was spotting, the biggest aircraft that comes to EBBR is the 747-400F I’m pretty sure so.


Niice pictures! especially the Iberia Airbus A320neo!


Thank you, I like the NEO aswel!

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Nice pictures👍🏻
By the way, the 787 is from Hainan Airlines I think

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Yup thank you, I will change it right now.

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You know?
I love Iberia A320 Neo? Quite beautiful…✈️


I do like it to.

My favorites are probably the Icelandair 757, the Brussels Airlines A330 and the United airlines 777-200ER.

And I still don’t know what that last picture is, it’s an A320 but without a livery, just random blue paint.

@T1MMY4L1F3_YT how close where you to there aircraft?

Actually i can be up to 1,5km to away from thr aicraft and I still would have nearly the same than in your pictures.

Just my first tip, get closer to the runway! I’ll edit in a picture from yesterday, have rook it with 200mm lense

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Probably around here @TYTY:

Also next to the Mecehlsteenweg, like right next to it because there is a small parking lot for spotters.

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Actually on that I would expect other pictures. Do you have the.possibility to zoom in more?

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Nope, that is the max I can zoom in with those phones.

okay than my tipp isnt that good, for the beginn of plane spotting it is better to use autofocus and just take some shots, i have the possibility of using maximal 300mm, these are the pictures from the best spot:

my position was sideways and some hundret meter infront of the runway

Edit: blue = spot orange = appr

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I do use autofocus and take a couple of shots, also the first pictures are taken with an IPhone 6 and the second 5 with a Samsung Galaxy Core 2, both not great cameras xD, the ones I did take with a good camera turned out better I think.

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Definitely, cameras are much much better, the ability of zoom is sooo important, I hope that you can learn planespotting fast, with a camera it makes a lot of fun

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Yea, I hope I can go spotting in the summer vacation again, maybe even multiple times.

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To be honest I didn’t expect to see a 777-200ER right as we arrived, I litteraly took my phone out of pocket, looked on FR24, saw that there was a plane lined up, I clicked on it and I saw that it was the United 777-200ER.

Nice pictures, but they would look even better if taken with a proper camera!

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Oh yeah they do, I took like more than 10 times as much pictures with an acctual camera.

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