Spotting pictures Brussels Zaventem (EBBR/BRU)

Hello there everyone!
Welcome to my spotting pictures topic. As stated in the title these are pictures from my local international airport, Brussels Zaventem! I’ve taken these quite a while back on the 25th of August I just had never gotten around to posting them.
Aside from that I hope you like my pictures!

Let’s start off with a special livery!

MEA Airbus A320 (T7-MRD) in the Skyteam livery arriving from Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (OLBA/BEY):

Lufthansa Airbus A319 (D-AILK) wearing the new livery landing after a flight from Frankfurt (EDDF/FRA):

Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300 (OO-SFW) seconds from touchdown after a long flight from New York (KJFK/JFK):

Gowair Airbus A320 (EC-MQH) landing after a flight from Tangier Ibn Battuta Airport (GMTT/TNG):

Icelandair Boeing 757 (TF-FIK) touching down after a flight from Keflavik/Reykjavik Airport (BIKF/KEF):

Brussels Airlines A320 (OO-SNA) in the Belgian Red Devils football team livery landing after a flight from Corfu International Airport (LGKR/CFU):

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER (A6-EPP) touching down after a long flight from Dubai (OMDB/DXB):

KLM Cityhopper Embraer E-175 (PH-EXN) wearing the KLM 100 years logo landing after a short hop from Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM/AMS):

Cityjet Bae 146-200/AVRO rj85 (EI-RJF) landing after a rather short flight from Frankfurt (EDDF/FRA):

And last but certainly not least, an ECAir Boeing 757 (HB-JJE) that’s been sitting there for quite a while (I’m guessing scince the airline ceased operations in 2016), never heard of this airline until I went spotting:

And this is where I reached the maximum picture limit! I hope you like the photo’s, sadly I still haven’t seen a 747 or CSeries but oh well maybe next time.

If I could improve this topic please tell me ;) .


Amazing shots! I just love that 757 at the end 😍

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Thank you! I love the 757 aswel, the livery looks very good but sadly by the looks of it that one won’t fly again :( .

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Good pics and liveries

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Stunning pictures! I really love finding the special liveries that can be found in the Brussels Airlines colours. I hope you had a nice day.

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My favorite is the Emirates B777-300 nice pictures!

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Thank you very much!

I’ve spotted almost all of them, I do love the special ones.

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Line is the Cityjet rj85, the Emirates was a bit hard to fully get in frame but it worked out.

Hopefully I get to see the 747 and/or the CSeries some time, I know Air Baltic and occasionally Swiss fly the CSeries aircraft here and Singapore Cargo and Asiana cargo fly here with 744F’s.

You captured both the Gowair which is one of my favourite tails out there and a MEA Skyteam aircraft I never knew existed as well as the new LH livery. That’s really well done, thanks for sharing!

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Really nice pics, keep it up!

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You’ve got some nice pictures there!

You should come to Zürich, we have plenty of CSeries (A220) here ;)

I never heard of the airline before until I saw it, the tail design looks stunning on the A320.

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Thank you!

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Brussels is already a 1,5 hour drive so Zurich would be a bit far, who knows maybe I’ll go on holiday there some day.

We once had them at my home airport flying for TUI and I had it on my watchlist the whole day and then last second before I had to leave it taxied to the runway I was at and departed with a delay. That was a real spotting win and hence I remember that airline well!

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Very nice! That is indeed a spotting win and very lucky xD.

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Also I forgot to mention I posted this as my 1 year IFC anniversary kinda xD.

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Once again: Great shots! Thanks for celebrating you anniversary this way! Congrats!

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