Spotting Photos SYD - BKK

Here are some photos I have taken of aircraft from International Terminal 1 at Sydney Airport:

Qantas 747-400, Garuda Indonesia A330, Qantas 737-800, Qantas A330-300, Virgin Australia 737-800, Virgin Australia 777-300, United 787-9, Thai 747-400 and Etihad 777-? (in background)

United 787-9, Virgin Australia 777-300

Garuda Indonesia A330, Qantas A330-300, Qantas A330-300 (Silveroo)

Air Canada 777-200LR

United 787-9

United 787-9, Hainan Airlines A330-300

I’ll update this topic when I have more photos.
Photos taken using iPhone SE (sorry for bad quality)


I’m guessing that GIA A333 has just finished serving DPS-SYD route 😉

United 789 looks really beautiful! Awesome shots anyway!


Thanks! Here are some more shots:

Thai 747-400 (my plane)

Closeup shot (AirAsia X A330-300 in background)

Emirates A380

Thai 747-400 Economy Cabin

Xiamen Air 787-8

We are now pushing back.


I will track your flight what is the callsign

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Check it out here :)

Where I am right now:

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is this you

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Hope you had a good flight, the 747 cabin certainly showing it’s age though. The IFE looks quite modern though

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Nice. Gotta love the 787. And the Virgin Australia 777. And the Hainan A330. And the Qantas A330. And the non existent LATAM 787. Gotta love everything! Btw, one of the few carriers still operating the 747-400… they are all starting to die.

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Yeah, I wish they were using the Dreamliner on that route. The lights above each seat didn’t work, the flight attendant button didn’t work and it looked old. Luckily the IFE was pretty new and the seats looked good.

Photos taxiing at SYD:

Etihad 777-200LR (F1 Decal)

Thai 747-400

ANA 787-9

FedEx MD-11F, China Eastern A330-300

British Airways 777-300

Mayalsian A330-300, Qantas A330-300, Singapore A380

Mayalsian A330-300, Singapore A380 (SG50 livery)

Mayalsian A330-300

Ramp Lineup

Photos Taxiing at BKK

Bangkok Air A320

Lufthansa A340-300

Thai 777-200s and 777-300

Ramp Lineup


Nice, photos captured in good light.

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