Spotting @OTHH Doha, Qatar

Here are some of my pictures from the last week that I took of aircraft departing and arriving at Hamad International Airport, hope you all enjoy!

Camera: Canon 60D
Lens: Canon 70-300


Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER

Qatar Airways Airbus 330-200

Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8

Qatar Airways Airbus 321-200

Qatar Airways Boeing 747-800BBJ

Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8

Qatar Airways Airbus 350-900

Qatar Airways Airbus 340

Kuwait Airlines Airbus 330-200


Cool photos! Qatar certainly have an amazing fleet 🙂


These pictures just show how exstensive Qatar’s fleet is. If I’m not mistaken, they also have the most aircraft in IF too!


I thought Delta has the most aircraft in IF but I think I’m wrong


Nice captures! The 60D is a great little performer (photographer aside!) :)

Looks like you found a great spot too

Delta has the most planes in infinite flight

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It’s rare to see spotting pictures from the UAE so bravo and nice pictures!

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This distracts me 😍

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Very beautiful planes and some beautiful shots!! Love 'em! Just one thing, is if you have a shorter lens, maybe get some shots of the full body from a different spotting area or a 300mm lens at the same place, for instance shots #3 and #5 were a little bit to close to see the airframe. Other than that I am absolutely in love with these shots!!

Awesome photos. Love all the underbelly shots.

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Ooh that Qatar 777 and 787 belly shots look delicious. Nice work👍🏼


Nice photos,specially liked of the Kuwait airways Airbus 330-200

is it legal to spot in doha,I hear in the UAE it isnt?

Nice pics

That’s why it’s rare, you can be jailed for doing it.

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Nice pictures, I especially like the picture from under the plane!

You have to apply for permission I believe.

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qatar is not in the uae…

nice pictures though


Correct, just generalising though given the laws in the Middle East through Shari’ah law being the same throughout most Arabian country.

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Hmmm the Qatar livery is stunning, the colours compliment each other very well… Nice shots!

Great photos, Marcus! Stunning quality 🙂